Savvy Housekeeping

Cleaning my house is a vicious cycle. Between the dog, and the cat, and the other cat, simply keeping up with the pet hair and dander is a chore. Add to that the dust, the dishes, the muddy floor, and my bacteria infested countertops…I can never get ahead of the curve. Yet cleaning is a must for me – for my sanity, my health even my spirituality. So I went looking for some pointers on how to have a cleaner, healthier home without breaking my budget.

To learn how to be a conscientious housekeeper, read the articles below for suggestions on alternative cleaning products:

Wise Bread:

Green Living Tips:

NOTE: for cat owners, I suggest buddying-up with a friend on a Costco membership and buying your cat litter at Costco. We buy a 40 lb. bag of Fresh Step for $14 (includes tax). And reuse those plastic bags from the store or from friends to empty out the litter box.


2 responses to Savvy Housekeeping

  1. Sarah Bunton

    I got a Shark lift away steam mop to clean my house with. It’s pricey to get, but it saves money, time and sanity in the long run. It sanitizes using steam instead of bleach or other cleaners. I figured with a bitty getting ready to start crawling, I wanted to make the floor as clean and safe for her as possible. It’s worth looking into. 🙂

    • lauren

      That’s terrific! I’ve been working on Aaron to get a steam mop! I am not only convinced that our house will feel cleaner but that it will cut down on all the dust!

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