Worth a thousand words.

This week I committed to organizing the documentation of our life by printing 2 years worth of photos. My much-hated ability to procrastinate took a blow as I transferred nearly 300 photos to a portable thumb drive for the trip to a photo kiosk for printing.

Colorful flashes of friends, birthday parties, girls’ night out, bachelorette parties, our very photogenic puppy, and various holidays dropped into the basket as thoughts like “look how skinny we look”, or “look how tan we were”, or “wow, I’m glad i got a picture of THAT!” go through my mind photo after photo. I lugged my giant stack of photos home in a bag and unloaded them with a handful of discount picture frames and one family photo album.

Diligently I sorted the images by events or themes and one by one slide them into the plastic sleeves. The passage of time reflected in that book, now filled with our memories, felt good. Look where we’ve been, the great friendships we enjoy, the milestones we’ve achieved. In a year that has sped by me, it felt good to pause, and re-live all the laughter and fun.


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