Savvy Housekeeping

Cleaning my house is a vicious cycle. Between the dog, and the cat, and the other cat, simply keeping up with the pet hair and dander is a chore. Add to that the dust, the dishes, the muddy floor, and my bacteria infested countertops…I can never get ahead of the curve. Yet cleaning is a must for me – for my sanity, my health even my spirituality. So I went looking for some pointers on how to have a cleaner, healthier home without breaking my budget.

To learn how to be a conscientious housekeeper, read the articles below for suggestions on alternative cleaning products:

Wise Bread:

Green Living Tips:

NOTE: for cat owners, I suggest buddying-up with a friend on a Costco membership and buying your cat litter at Costco. We buy a 40 lb. bag of Fresh Step for $14 (includes tax). And reuse those plastic bags from the store or from friends to empty out the litter box.


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