Ode to Eyre on Her Birthday

Eyre Connelly Rayburn

You came early, impatient to see the world.
The nurses called you,
You surprised us with your red hair
and continue to surprise us
day by day.
Quick to walk, then to run.
No patience
for sitting still,
you seize the world,
literally with both hands and feet.
Touching everything,
sensing, experiencing.

Climbing, jumping, dancing,
You have an untamable spirit.
You claimed your ownership of self early on.
Dressing yourself,
Climbing out of your crib;
Choosing your outfits,
Your shoes,
Your lot in life.
Your charisma is catching
Your energy unceasing.
You’re an artist, an athlete,
A leader, a friend.
We are proud of who you are –
And who you will be.
Carpe diem,

~ lr (aka. Mommy)


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