You Are Mom, Hear You Roar

On the day set aside to honor and esteem mothers, I’d like to give a web “shout out” to all the mamas out there. You juggle everyone’s health and happiness minute by minute, day after day. You’ve eaten hundreds of cold dinners and re-heated too many cups of coffee, you’ve listened to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, and discovered sticky fingerprints in unimaginable places. You’ve washed countless loads of laundry, lost multiple months worth of sleep, and kissed enough grubby boo-boos to probably have typhoid. You are like Sisyphus, pushing your stroller uphill mile after mile. You’ve learned to tune out immature tantrums, and they’ve learned to tune out yours. You’ve suffered public embarrassment, carried many tons of groceries, and wore a gracious smile. You’ve won hard-fought battles and lost your temper. You are wonderful. You are flawed. You are unceasing.

And their hearts beat only for you.

Be blessed on this day and everyday.


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