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Hello again! So it’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve posted anything, and I thought I may as well start with why that is; I got a job. Last Fall I started working at a Mother’s Day Out, so it’s a part-time 2 and 1/2 days each week and my girls attend but have different teachers. Much of my “free- time” is spent having play dates and simply catching up on all that domestic stuff I have to squeeze into my 2 days off. My writing this year consisted of lesson plans for my endearing class of three-year-olds. What a blessing this “little job” has been on many fronts.

The first day of school I was moved to tears praying with my fellow teachers. I was recalling that I had been four years old when I accepted Christ into my heart because of a Sunday school teacher. And I was thinking about my little 3-year-old sensitive, empathetic, passionate Eyre. I was imagining her astute little mind grasping the gift of the Gospel. Not all the religion and politics, the confusing names and history, but the universal and simple fact that Jesus loves her deeply, selflessly and she will never be alone. No matter what her skin color, clothing or hairstyle, regardless of her mistakes, life choices, and career. She is valuable, she is worthy, her spirit is beautiful, and her life has meaning and purpose. This is the Joy of the Gospel. This is the best gift we offer anyone, much less a child who has yet to grasp the world and its brokenness. “Dear Child, you will never be alone. Jesus knows you and loves you, His heart is for and not against you. He will strengthen and comfort you, He will whisper of your worth when you have forgotten. If you leave Him, He will be waiting, ever waiting for the Joy of your return to Him. For He delights in YOU.”

I was reminded that Jesus truly is the answer, the best tool for our children to navigate life. I want to teach my children to value diversity, that every life is valued equally, that forgiveness is the way to healing, humility and kindness are a virtue, that the world is God’s beautiful Creation to be cared for, protected and appreciated, that our bodies are beautifully-designed no matter our exterior, that our minds are a gift to be opened, challenged and stretched,and that we are a global people and Jesus came for every man, woman and child not just white Americans.

And Jesus is the reason they don’t have to be perfect, for me their mom, for anyone, or for themselves.

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