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Little Girl, Soiled Dove

She plays with other girls, laughing just like them But behind this girl’s laughter is the echo of her pain. Innocence lost too soon, purity just a memory [..]

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Lost On the Road Home: Mental Illness

She is lost. Gone away somewhere in her mind. I squeeze her warm hand and catch her gaze, offering anchor. Where is she? Somewhere dark, devoid of truth [..]

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Ode to Eyre on Her Birthday

Eyre Connelly Rayburn You came early, impatient to see the world. The nurses called you, STARGAZER. You surprised us with your red hair and continue to surprise us [..]


Many Questions, One Answer

Hello again! So it’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve posted anything, and I thought I may as well start with why that is; I got a [..]

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Putting the Family Back in the Family Farm

You may not know this about me, but I’m a farm girl, born-and-raised. My dad is a farmer, and his dad was a farmer. However, I would say [..]

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A Review of Longbourn – Downton Abbey Meets Pride and Prejudice

In keeping with the current fashion, author Jo Baker, has written a novel highlighting the men and women in service at Longbourn, the home of Jane Austen’s most [..]

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A Review: Happy Wives Club by freshman author, Fawn Weaver

It started with a blog, Fawn Weaver was fed up with the pervasive negativity surrounding marriage in today’s culture. So in protest, she started a blog dedicated [..]

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Help! My Life is Leaking Happiness!

Ever have those weeks where life keeps hitting you over the head with the same two-by-four? Or maybe its more subtle, like recurring road signs saying “Pull over, [..]


Happy Wife, Happy Life

I hope you don’t mind, but I need to gush about my husband for a minute. I keep a list of all the things I love and appreciate [..]