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A Review: “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi

I recently completed “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi, a devout Muslim who encounters Christianity. Qureshi speaks fondly of his Islamic upbringing, taking the time to educate [..]

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A Review: Happy Wives Club by freshman author, Fawn Weaver

It started with a blog, Fawn Weaver was fed up with the pervasive negativity surrounding marriage in today’s culture. So in protest, she started a blog dedicated [..]

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God Loves Broken People – And Those Who Pretend They’re Not (Author: Sheila Walsh) recently provided me with Sheila Walsh’s book, “God Loves Broken People – And Those Who Pretend They’re Not” to read and review. Having heard Walsh speak previously [..]

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A Book Review: Simple Secrets to a Happy Life by Luci Swindoll

Luci Swindoll’s wise truths, garnered over eighty years of joy-filled living, are Aesop’s Fables reinvented with a biblical perspective and an arsenal of personal anecdotes on how to [..]

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