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A Series of Unfortunate Events and One Lucky One

Today is my birthday. It’s also Friday the 13th. Which set me up with a terrific segway into my unfortunate track record with birthdays. Like the time in [..]


Taking Out the Garbage, the Era Not the Band

My musical evolution took a distasteful detour in the mid-late 90s with the ownership of a Walkman. I could listen to musical privately, and discovered that there were [..]

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Strolling down memory lane with Garth Brooks

The other night, my husband emerged from our daughter’s bedroom to find me curled up in the middle of a box of Joe-Joes and a Garth Brooks Live [..]


Understanding Empathy and Being a Highly Sensitive Person

I recognized something in my personality that has existed in me since childhood but was recently brought to my attention. It’s something that often impassions, challenges, inspires, torments, [..]

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Daily Bread

The whole concept of picking New Year’s resolutions centers around achieving greater happiness. Some goals focus on a better you: a thinner, smarter, more generous you. Other goals [..]

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Starting Year 29

Yesterday I entered my 29th year. Believe it or not, I love getting older. Against the general human populace, I believe age holds holds the most valued gift – [..]


It’s ok, you can admit it…

Motherhood is hard. If you’re a mom, you know. But why are women afraid to admit that its difficult? After becoming a mom, I decided that I would [..]

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A Generous Gift & a Birthday Surprise

Something as commonplace as receiving a birthday card in the mail became an extraordinary event in our lives yesterday. My Aunt Susie is as dependable as the sun [..]


You Make Beautiful Things Out of the Dust

I know that my last blog post sounded a little bleak, but my current outlook is much brighter, and I was also so encouraged by those of you [..]