A Generous Gift & a Birthday Surprise

Something as commonplace as receiving a birthday card in the mail became an extraordinary event in our lives yesterday. My Aunt Susie is as dependable as the sun rising when it comes to remembering birthdays and sending her love to her nieces and nephews, even if they are quite grown-up. This card was thicker than usual and contained much more than sweet sentiments and xoxo’s.  On the outside of the envelope she had happily scrawled, “Go get yourself a dryer! Love you!” and on the inside was $400-worth of gift cards to Sears. Her thoughtful gesture brought tears to my eyes. I sat in a flood of emotions for a moment – first, overwhelming gratitude then relief, then a wave of humility. It is  humbling to be on the receiving side of such an abundant gift.

My Aunt Susie belongs to a unique breed of the compassionate and generous of heart. When we were kids, we would joke that you could strategically mention something you wanted in front of her, and it would show up in a package on your doorstep a few days later. She is not only moved to action by the hurts and needs of others, but enjoys bringing joy to the people around her. When I spoke to her on the phone, she explained that she and my uncle have had kind things done for them over the years that she simply wants to “pay it forward”.

So I will swallow my pride and bless her with my gratitude and the pure joy that her gift brought to both of us – the giver and the recipient.



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