Our Wedding Vows

A tip of the hat to two beautiful, perfect, wonderful years! This day two years ago, Aaron and I were making these vows. May they continue to hold true for the rest of our lives.

To my husband,

I promise you that our home will always be the  place you escape to and not from. That the challenges you face in life will be ours to tackle together.

I promise that I will try to keep an open mind, a gentle tongue and a warm spirit about me.

And everyday I pray that the Lord will grow us both separately and together. Providing each of us with daily grace for one another so that every action, every word let’s you know how much you are loved and appreciated.

I love you just exactly how you are.

Thank you for being everything I am not. And for teaching me to have a childlike faith.

I am so proud to be your wife, your helpmate. and I’m so blessed to bask everyday in the light of your love and hope.


To my most lovely,

These are my promises to keep. I promise to remain true, to keep you in my thoughts.

To love you as myself, to lead you and seek God alongside you.

I promise to show with my every action what I felt when we first met, to be honestly and completely head over heels for you. I vow to show and say, in various simple and complex forms, the simple phrase, I’m in love with you.

You’re my muse, my light, my drive, my inspiration, my proof of grace, my helper, my other half,  My safety and home

You are a precious beautiful blessing and gift of grace from God

A selfless lover and most of all – best friend



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