An Unwelcome Bedfellow (an excerpt)

“Ugly hairy spikes jut out from what looks like a head attached to a lumpy and splotchy mound of flesh with reptile-like limbs. The creature’s head flops backward, its useless gray eyes rolling open, unfocused. Its talons flex instinctively, burrowing deeper into the soft flesh of a young woman as she sleeps. She exhales softly as she rolls to her side, her short red hair cascading across her brow. A murmured “No” escapes from her lips as her mind hovers between the dream world and real life. Only this particular dream is about her life, and its a nightmare.”

So…my husband wants me to use my blog to write fiction. That means that you may get to read various clips of spontaneously written excerpts like the paragraph above, or maybe one day I will actually write an entire novel and release it chapter by chapter via the web. (If my husband has anything to do with it, you will have this opportunity as well!) If you are curious about the creature or the girl in this particular story, I will continue developing this short story and post it here. My lovely handful of readers can be the audience for these little writing exercises. So thank you and stay tuned for more!


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