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A Review: Happy Wives Club by freshman author, Fawn Weaver

It started with a blog, Fawn Weaver was fed up with the pervasive negativity surrounding marriage in today’s culture. So in protest, she started a blog dedicated [..]

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Help! My Life is Leaking Happiness!

Ever have those weeks where life keeps hitting you over the head with the same two-by-four? Or maybe its more subtle, like recurring road signs saying “Pull over, [..]


God Loves Broken People – And Those Who Pretend They’re Not (Author: Sheila Walsh) recently provided me with Sheila Walsh’s book, “God Loves Broken People – And Those Who Pretend They’re Not” to read and review. Having heard Walsh speak previously [..]

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Insane in da Mom-Brain

Contrary to it’s clever title, this post has absolutely nada to do with Cypress Hill and everything to do with having ovaries. They need to make bumper stickers [..]

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Happy Wife, Happy Life

I hope you don’t mind, but I need to gush about my husband for a minute. I keep a list of all the things I love and appreciate [..]


A Series of Unfortunate Events and One Lucky One

Today is my birthday. It’s also Friday the 13th. Which set me up with a terrific segway into my unfortunate track record with birthdays. Like the time in [..]


Taking Out the Garbage, the Era Not the Band

My musical evolution took a distasteful detour in the mid-late 90s with the ownership of a Walkman. I could listen to musical privately, and discovered that there were [..]

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Strolling down memory lane with Garth Brooks

The other night, my husband emerged from our daughter’s bedroom to find me curled up in the middle of a box of Joe-Joes and a Garth Brooks Live [..]


The Growing Pains of a Frugal Mom

As someone who LOVES food and cooking, I’ve been wrestling lately with the choice between cheap or quality, mostly when it comes to buying groceries. I feel caught [..]

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